Monthly Archives: August 2014

Back to Boston!

After spending a hundred days on summer vacation, I’m now back in Boston! Approximately 90% of HBS students do a summer internship, but as a part of the more fortunate remaining 10%, I was able to spend the summer having fun. Here are the highlights:


Although I have traveled the U.S, Europe, Latin America and East Asia previously, there remained a lot of countries I wanted to visit this summer. So this time I decided to travel to West Asia and Africa, visiting four countries – Thailand, India, Kenya and Egypt.

Bangkok, Thailand: a very sophisticated and exotic city. I loved Thai food and enjoyed visiting the stately temples.

Delhi, India: as I had studied India twice during our BGIE class, Delhi was one of my “must-visit” destinations. The world’s fastest growing country was super energetic, and the economic polarization of people’s lives was thought provoking.

Nairobi and Masai-Mara, Kenya: One of the best places I’ve ever visited! The Safari Drive through the Savanna was phenomenal. I’ll definitely return after retirement.

Cairo, Egypt: It was fortuitous that I could visit this city during Ramadan. People fast during the day and indulge in fantastic feasts at night.



This summer I finally started playing golf! For the past several years, I often felt the need to learn to play as a business tool, but I shied away due to the time required to practice, to say nothing of the time required to play a round. Deciding there is no time like the present – I bit the bullet – bought some clubs and have started to play.

I took lessons and went to the driving range and course dozens of times. However, my score is still in the stratosphere. Consequently, one of my goals in second year will be to hone my skills and improve my handicap. (Watch this blog for news on my progress – or lack thereof.)

Business development

Although I could have spent all the entire summer traveling and playing golf, I looked ahead to post graduation and invested not a small portion of my summer in business development.

The result of these labors? I’m now working with a university laboratory to develop a new wearable healthcare device. I plan to spend considerable time on this endeavor this year.


Anyway, the amazingly relaxing and exciting summer is near its end. I fully enjoyed the break and am looking forward to the start of the second year at HBS!