Monthly Archives: April 2015


We are now approaching the end of our last semester. After we finish next week’s final exams, we have a break of two weeks and then finally reach Graduation Day on May 28th.

This week we have a special academic period called “Bridges” – newly initiated this year. Bridges is a kind of capstone program and there are a series of events in which we reflect upon our learning experience during the past two years at HBS. To be honest, I’m growing tired of academic events and not particularly excited about cramming any more new things. However, a good aspect of Bridges is that we have an opportunity to sit in the section with the people we spent time with during first year. It has been almost a year since we all studied in the same classroom, and it’s quite exciting to see the familiar faces of section mates once again.


Our conversations naturally turn to our post-MBA plans. Of course most people decided on their career plans over summer internship, but a few are still considering what path to take.

In Bridges, a professor shared some quick stats on the post-MBA careers of the latest HBS graduates. As usual, consulting and finance claimed the majority. The proportion of those entering finance had plunged after the financial crisis in 2008, but has almost recovered to pre-crisis levels.


Worth noting is the proportion of startups. Over the past decade, the number hovered around 10%, but this year saw an increase of approximately 5%, putting it at the highest level since the dotcom bubble in 2000. The recent increase in the number of successful startups, such as Dropbox, UBER and Airbnb, could be one of the reasons for the flow to the startup world. I think it’s a great trend. I hope more and more HBS graduates create startup companies and make a difference in the real economy.

Just in case, my post-MBA career lays over green and orange.