Another way to obtain an HBS education

Last month HBS announced the launch of HBX, a new digital learning system providing an online business education program.


An online education program has long been a focus of HBS’s development areas and according to the announcement, HBX aims to provide case-method online programs complementing the school’s existing program. It will, of course, be taught by HBS faculty.

HBX initially offers Credential of Readiness program (CORe), which is designed to provide basic business fundamentals and will be comprised of three interlinked courses:  Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting. This program targets undergraduates and graduate students in non-business fields, as well as those who have just begun their first jobs in the business world.

Later this year, HBX is expected to introduce a series of specialized courses dealing with entrepreneurship and innovation; disruptive innovation, growth, and strategy; and the microeconomics of competitiveness.


Upon my arrival at HBS, I participated in the pre-MBA program and a portion of the program was taught online. To be honest, I was initially a little suspect of the effectiveness of online education, but my fears were allayed as I settled into the class.

Although it was difficult to duplicate the dynamics and tense atmosphere of a physical classroom, the online system well demonstrated HBS’s unique education systems –  cold calls, dozens of raised hands, and intensive discussion among students.

Looking back, that online pre-MBA program may have been part of the development of HBX. In light of current trends, the shift to online education is quite reasonable and it’s easy to imagine that a large part of MBA education will be provided online in the near future. If you aim to study at HBS, HBX may be a good starting point.


Applications to HBX are now being accepted for the CORe program.

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