Business school application: GMAT

There is actually very little to say regarding GMAT. It’s not a big deal. The higher the score the better, of course, but applicants shouldn’t be too nervous about their test scores.


According to the HBS class of 2015 class profile, the GMAT score ranges from 580 to 780. This means that a low GMAT score doesn’t necessarily mean there is no chance of admission. At the same time, a high GMAT score doesn’t secure an admission.

Also, it is very difficult to differentiate your application with your GMAT score. To do so, you would need a score of 770 or higher Therefore, once you feel you have an adequate score, my advice is to concentrate on your essays and interview preparations, rather than on a marginal improvement on your GMAT score.

What is an “adequate score”? I would say 690 (I personally know a number of people admitted to HBS with this score).

My GMAT score was 710, which was lower than the admitted students’ average (720). But I stopped the GMAT journey at this point, and shifted my resources to essays and interviews, which were far more important factors in the application process. Again, don’t be so nervous.

Good luck!

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