Getting into HBS

It was December 12th of last year.

The end of the year was rapidly approaching. That afternoon I was facing two extremely tough client meetings. One was with my client’s CEO, who was eager to advance a new cost reduction project in the company. The second with a Vice President of the same company who was vehemently opposed to the CEO’s project.  In preparation for the meetings, I had been working without sleep for almost two days and had developed a presentation designed to lead the two senior executives to a point of compromise.

After finishing the meetings, exhausted, I left my office earlier than usual and went for a drink with my colleagues. I was feeling a little depressed as the meeting did not go as I expected. Anxiety chewed away at my mind while I tried to relax and forget the day imbibing in the bartender’s libation. Making my way home I fell into bed sleeping the sleep of the dead…


At 2 AM my cell phone notified me of an incoming email. I groped for my phone in the dark and glanced down at the display. In that split second, my sleep was blown away. It was an email from HBS. I jumped to my feet, opened my laptop and logged into the application website…

On behalf of Harvard  Business School, it is a pleasure and a privilege to offer you a place in the MBA Class of 2015. After careful consideration of all aspects of your application, we believe you have the ability to thrive at Harvard Business School and be a leader who makes a difference in the world. Our distinctive learning model will demand the very best of you and your classmates and will provide a firm foundation for any career path you may choose. …


Reading the message again and again and again, I finally realized that I had been admitted to HBS.

After gazing at the display for several minutes, I felt emotion welling up. Looking back at the hard days and remembering the faces of people who had supported me, I felt that the long grueling journey of the MBA application process had finally ended. The anxiety of earlier that day had totally disappeared.

The next day, I was very busy reporting the good news to my family, friends and colleagues. There were countless people I had to thank. To be honest, I was a little concerned the message I had received from HBS was some sort of mistake. It was not until I received an official letter from HBS a week later that I became confident of my admission.


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