Hell Week

Successfully finishing the FIELD 2 program in Shanghai, I returned to Boston after a month’s absence. I was fortunate enough to miss the heavy snowfall in early January while I was in Chile. The ice on the Charles has melted, but snow lingers on campus.

HBS Winter

The remaining two weeks before the start of the second semester, February 27th, have varied meanings to HBS students, depending on their situation.

For some students, this period is called “Hell Week”. During this period, more than a hundred companies come to campus to interview HBS students. To make students focus on academics, HBS prohibits recruiters from interviewing students before Hell Week, but this week they arrive with a vengeance.  At this time of year, almost all the hotel rooms around HBS are reserved by companies, and used for the interviewing of prospective employees. Students go through multiple job interviews from early morning to evening, and attend recruiting dinners at night. As these are incredibly intense times, many students go up the wall.

It is said that 30-50% of students get offer(s) for summer jobs during Hell Week, while other students continue recruiting activities until May.

However, this period has a totally opposite meaning to other students: company sponsored students, students with family business background, and students aiming to start their own companies after graduation. For these students, it’s “Heaven Week”. To soothe their fatigue from the FIELD 2 trip, they usually go to beach resorts, such as Miami, Caribbean, and Jamaica.

Heaven Hell

Fortunately I’m in the latter group. However, since I’ve already traveled a lot during the winter break (flew 67 hours!), I decided to stay in Boston this time.

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