Hey, HBS Crew!

The first round of the HBS Class of 2016 application process has just started and a number of the applicants have been visiting HBS recently. When they first come to HBS, many people are surprised to see the beautiful, well-maintained campus remarking, “Oh, it’s such a nice place!”

Actually, the HBS campus is always immaculate and operating efficiently. The lawns are always neatly manicured. The walls are never in need of paint. Black boards are cleaned mirror-shiny immediately after every class is finished. The cafeteria provides a wide range of choices and operates at peak efficiency. It goes on and on.


“Do you know the name of the guy cleaning your classroom’s black board?” When a second year student asked me today, I found myself taking the blessed environment for granted while busily spending the days as a student. I knew all my section mates’ names, professors’ names, but didn’t know his name even though I see him every day.

At HBS, hundreds of crews are supporting our comfortable life style and while it’s true that HBS is spending a lot of money for that support, it’s also true that the crews’ quality of work is surprisingly high. Today looking at our campus with fresh eyes, I re-realized that I’m in such a great community. What makes HBS is not only the students and faculty, but also the hard-working, conscientious crews. When I graduate HBS two years from now, they will be a part of the group of people I considered my comrades.

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