HIT Started!

So, the HBS International Transition (HIT) program got underway today!

Because participants are scattered all over the world and we are in different time zones, it was early morning in Boston when class started for me. At 5:50am I rubbed the sleep from my droopy eyes and plopped down in front of my computer. HIT began with a warm greeting from a faculty member.


The first case, which I will always remember, dealt with Sara Campbell LTD. Here is a quick rundown of the case:

    • Sara Campbell LTD (SCL) is a small but fast growing apparel company with sophisticated design and high-quality products
    • Sara, the CEO, is managing the company well but is facing difficulties caused by a complex situation involving a financial controller, Stephen
    • Stephen’s work performance has not been satisfactory and he has recently been causing several serious problems. Further complicating the matter is the fact that  he is Sara’s ex-brother-in-law and paying child support for his daughter (Sara’s niece)
    • As the CEO, what Sara should do?

Written like this, it seems a straight forward, easy case. But in fact, it’s not. There are complexly intertwined issues here: business ethics, incentive management, internal control, etc. Also, some additional information is thrown in the midst of the class and it directs our discussion another way. How dynamic!

The case discussion, however, went in an organized manner and there was a great deal to take away, thanks to the high-caliber of the professor. Every year HBS assigns renowned and veteran faculty members to the pre-MBA program.

I’m still groping my way through trying to survive and get familiar with the case study method, but the first 80 minutes flew by.

This is so exciting!

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