Attired in tuxedoes and formal gowns, approximately 1,700 HBS MBA students and their families entered the Westin Hotel in downtown Boston to attend Holidazzle – one of the school’s biggest events. Every year almost the entire RC (first year) students participate, celebrating the survival of the first semester. It is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the intensive three months we have just completed.

The first half of the evening’s program was a section dinner. Much to our delight, our section had the highest participation rate, and was assigned the most spacious room in the hotel. It was spectacular to see all ninety section mates in formal attire. Some were so nicely dressed they were hardly recognizable. We enjoyed dinner and wine, relaxed conversation, and a great film some of our section mates had created looking back at the too quickly gone time we had just shared. When it came to the surprise movie from our professors, even though it was terribly humorous, some of the participants were almost crying. The semester was really an emotional journey for us.

The latter half of the evening was a school wide dance. Removing the partitions, 1,700 participants occupied the 3rd floor of the Westin, and were madly dancing to live music.



But, it’s not the end of the semester. We still have a very very important part before the winter break. Whether or not you realize, final exams start next week…

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