Newport Ball

Another class-wide event was held this weekend. Called the Newport Ball, HBS RC students and their families spend two nights at an upscale resort in Southern Boston, Newport. Attired in tuxedoes and formal gowns, over 600 people gathered at the castle-like locale.


At HBS, while we spend considerable time with our section mates, contact with students in other sections is relatively limited. We run into them on campus but limited time does not afford us the luxury of getting to know them. Therefore, a function of this scope is a good chance to catch up with our non-section friends. With a glass of wine in my hand, I made the rounds among the partygoers.

The first conversation is always same. “Hey, what are you doing for the summer?” We have just finished the intense recruiting season and it seemed that most people have already decided where to work as summer interns. It’s just my gut feeling but it seemed that more than one-third of my friends answered that they are going to work for consulting firms, an always-popular industry.

“Me? I’m actually still deciding, but I definitely won’t be working for a consulting firm or finance company. Maybe just traveling.”

Newport 1

Newport 2

Repeating this conversation (or one similar to it) fifty times, I grew weary and retired to my room early.

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