On the lawn

A two and a half hour drive north of downtown Boston is a music venue known for its annual summer music festival – Tanglewood.

I had long wanted to come here and finally achieved that today. It was a perfect day; fine weather, comfortable temperature, and an All-Beethoven Program.


At 12:30, two hours before curtain, we arrived at Tanglewood’s huge parking lot. When we passed through the gate, there were already many people on the lawn, sitting on camp chairs with wine and cheese. We somehow got a position in the front row and opened our lunch boxes.

The price of the lawn seat is only $15. Although there are regular roofed seats ($20-92) right in the front of stage, I recommend this lawn seat since that’s the best part of Tanglewood.


The two hour program finished all too soon. It was the first time I listened to live orchestral music in such a nice place. I’m not sure if I will have a chance to come again once my classes start, but I’m sure this is one of the best places every visitor to Boston can visit.

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