Pre-MBA Programs at HBS

Before classes start in September, HBS offers two traditional pre-MBA programs. One is Analytics and the other is HBS International Transition (HIT).


Analytics is an intensive quantitative course for students who have little or no financial or accounting background. The program is similar to a math boot camp. From morning to night, participants engage in analytical training. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) I could waive this requirement as I have a finance background.


HIT is aimed at international students who don’t have sufficient academic experience in English speaking countries. The four week program offers international students intensive training in the case method and writing program in use at HBS.

In the past, HIT had been conducted in an actual classroom environment, but HBS has made a major modification this year. The program is now conducted online during the first three weeks with only the last week being conducted in the classroom. This experimental approach actually caused a lot of controversy among admitted international students. It is said that HIT is one of the most memorable experiences at HBS and HIT participants can build a lasting network through the program. Of course everyone wanted to experience this in the more intimate classroom setting.

This morning, participants (including me) had an online orientation of the program. It still remains to be seen if the online program compares favorably with the traditional method, but I was still very excited to see my future classmates via webcam.

HIT starts next week, July 24th!

Class Web Cam 2


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