RC 2nd term

The tranquility of winter break is but a memory now, with the second semester kicking off tomorrow.  Campus is alive with returning students with massive amounts of luggage in tow, looking very refreshed.

As I wrote in an earlier post, the first year at HBS is called Required Curriculum (RC) and all students take the same courses. Our second semester course load is as follows:

    • LCA: Leadership & Corporate Accountability
    • BGIE: Business, Government, and the International Economy
    • STRAT: Strategy
    • TEM: The Entrepreneurial Manager
    • FIN2: Finance 2
    • FIELD3: Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development 3

As one would expect from the title “Required”, all classes are essential to business leaders, and are also known as crown subjects. FIELD 3 carries on from the first semester, and this time we venture into small startup businesses.

Term2 Cases

The first semester flew by leaving us with a high level of fatigue, but I am hoping the second semester will be more enjoyable, allowing increased time for extracurricular activities.

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