We are a week into the second semester, and as this term is only sixteen weeks long, the days will undoubtedly fly by. Based on experience gained last semester, I am trying to invest more time in extracurricular activities, such as networking, preparation for my startup, and exercise.

Choosing what I feel is the easiest item on my list; I have started going to the gym regularly. Here at HBS, there is an exceptional, fully appointed fitness center – Shad Hall. For most students, who are not professional athletes, Shad provides more than adequate facilities, to wit, squash courts, gymnasium, running track, weight training room, running machines, exercise studio, and more.

Shad Machine

Shad Squash

Shad Court

Since Shad’s facilities are only available to HBS employees, students and partners, it’s never crowded. I am also delighted with its cleanliness and the service provided by the hard-working staff. And the greatest thing is, since tunnels connect HBS’s main buildings, we can partake of Shad’s facilities without getting chilly, even in the frigid Massachusetts winter! The only fly in the ointment is, sadly, there is no swimming pool. However, there is another gym equipped with a large pool within walking distance of the HBS campus.

The rumor mill has it that Harvard Kennedy School students are complaining that they are not allowed to use this great gym, even though they are just across the Charles River. But there is good reason for this – Shad is funded by the charitable donations of HBS alumni.

My goal is to use 2% of my time for exercise during this second semester. Sound too easy…?

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