Spring break

Half of the second semester has passed. Escaping from the still freezing climes of Boston, I’m now enjoying the long-awaited spring break in Miami. Only a three hour flight – it’s a totally different world; white beaches, blue skies and warm ocean waters.


As this is the only long vacation this semester, most HBS students are now traveling all over the world. Popular destinations are South America, Africa, and South East Asia, but since I’m planning to travel to these areas during summer break, I chose a closer destination.

When spring break ends, only eight weeks remain in my first year. I feel somewhat reluctant to go back to Boston – not only because I’m enjoying a cold mojito in Miami Beach, but also I feel sad that time at HBS flies by so quickly.

Anyway, fun time passes regardless of what I feel, and we have midterms awaiting us upon our return. The flight back is going to be my study time for my macroeconomics exam. Hmm, I want to stay one more week…

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