It’s Thanksgiving Day today. At this time last year I was in NYC, watching the rambunctious and animated Macy’s parade from an unbelievably crowded sidewalk on Broadway. In sharp contrast, this year I’m staying here in Boston and spending a serene, peaceful day. Most of my fellow HBS students left a couple of days ago to spend the holiday in their respective hometowns. Campus is now very quiet and very empty. The city of Boston, as well, is eerily empty, and the majority of the stores are closed.

Glancing at the calendar, I notice that I am only 180 days (!) away from graduation. Looking at it another way, three-quarters of our life at HBS is over. Time really flies.

Recently I’ve been working hard on preparation for my start-up company. After spending considerable time on the market research, I’m anticipating an auspicious future. In conjunction, I’m developing a detailed schedule of next semester and will be spending a large amount of time on business development. I’m hoping I can post my start-up’s progress next year.

Today I visited my friend’s home and spent a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with her family. Colorful, sumptuous appetizers, a huge turkey with delicious gravy, crispy baked apple pie and chocolates. I’m super stuffed…!



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