The Last Class

During our final classes, professors deliver their closing lectures – one of the most bittersweet and intimate of times at Harvard Business School.

There is no case, no writing on the blackboard, no spirited discussion. Professors simply speak to us from the heart, presenting us with what are arguably the most thought-provoking and valuable life-lessons we will receive during our time at HBS. As successful business people and veteran faculty, their personal experiences reverberate with rich, poignant implications, instilling in us more than what we have gleaned during class. They ask – Where did you come from? Why are you here? Where do you go from here, and why?  - and proceed to answer these questions by speaking of their lives.

As Daisy Wademan writes in her book, the last lecture gives us a life-long guiding light, which we will rely on when we encounter difficulties in our own lives. It’s not an overstatement to opine that the last lecture’s value is greater than all the case discussions we’ve had thus far.

Today, after our last classes of LCA and BGIE, we sent our professors off to thunderous standing ovations after their awe-inspiring final lectures.

Standing ovation

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